What does it mean to get international barista certification?

Baristapro is a Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) accredited trainer. We offer courses that are internationally recognised at every level of your barista journey (foundation, intermediate and professional). Completing the courses would mean that you become a SCA accredited barista. For more information about the Specialty Coffee Association, visit

Can anybody register for international barista certification?

The SCA certification is only eligible for baristas who have had a minimum of 6 months experience. If you are a beginner looking to learn how to be a barista, please check our other monthly courses tailored for beginners and amateurs here.

When are the courses?

Class intake for the remainder of 2021 are on the following dates Foundation Level (2 days) - 30th to 31st August - 29th to 30th November Intermediate Level (3 days) - 29th September to 1st October - 1st to 3rd December Professional Level (4 days) - 6th to 9th December

How much are the courses?

The price of the courses depend on whether you are a SCA member or not. Visit to register as a member. Foundation Level Members & Non-members: Ksh. 33,000/- Intermediate Level Members: Ksh. 46,000/- Non-members: Ksh. 56,000/- Professional Level Member: Ksh. 69,000/- Non-members: Ksh. 80,000/-